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I started out by first researching the topic of bots, from statistics, to usages, to classifications. I compiled a mood board to generate ideas for potential logo marks and visual languages to explore.

Research board part 1 Research board part 2 Research board part 3 Name and tagline ideas

Logo Explorations

Bots are no more than fragments of code, yet have been "personified" into robots despite their lack of any physicality. I hoped to exploit that personification with my logo so as to give a face to the enemy. Part of the challenge was doing so without making them appear overly cute or comically evil. The campaign names I had brainstormed also informed my logo ideas.

Eventually I selected three logos to develop into distinct visual directions. In the end, I decided on the third, Antiboties. The metaphor of the name provided a wealth of disease-inspired language that I could tap into. The color palette also felt less typical, and the mark (after some additional finessing) was flexible enough that I could still incorporate elements from the other systems, i.e. the binary code-inspired pattern.

Initial pencil logo sketches
Logo sketches part 1
Logo sketches part 2
Logo sketches part 3
Logo sketches part 4
Logo sketches part 5
Logo sketches part 5
First dentity exploration Second dentity exploration Third dentity exploration