Part 1: Publication

A central tenet of our manifesto is the idea that design is the packaging of ideas, so to publish it, we decided to translate our manifesto into a literal branded good. Rather than a tangible product, the contents are merely trappings associated with buying and selling: tags, care instruction booklets, coupon cards, and receipts. Each item contains text about a different topic addressed in the Selling Selling manifesto.

Part 2: Expansion

The SELLING SELLING | POP UP SHOP is an extension of our initial packaged idea that engages visitors in a dialogue about the role of design. By repackaging and de-contextualizing throwaway items like plastic utensils or paper cups, we call into question whether it is the experience of the shop, the aesthetics of the packaging, the ideals of our brand, or the products themselves that are being sold, hence the exorbitant prices.

All of the packaged items are related to food and food consumption as a play on the idea of commercial consumption. They are also all freely obtainable from our school's dining halls.

Part 3: Circulation

Leading up to the installation of the popup shop, we circulated a series of posters challenging viewers' ideas about value and design. These were placed separately around campus and also uploaded to the Selling Selling instagram, @sellingselling_shop.

Flyer set 1
Flyer set 2
Flyer set 3
Flyer set 3
Flyer set 3