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Hair Ball

The Hair Ball is an annual one night engagement at the museum. Visitors are encouraged to dress up and do up their hair. Those who do so are given free admission.

Various activities will be held throughout the museum, including: Fast and Furrious, a speed hairstyling competition; Flaunt Your Pomp, a judged runway where people can show off their craziest hairstyles and wigs; and Make the Braid, workshops and brochures about braids of different cultures. Attendees can win prizes, while Flaunt Your Pomp winner is crowned a museum Big Wig and awarded free one-year membership.

Hair Ball Poster Pre-Hair Ball social media Wall of Hair Ball MVPs


I started by compiling a hair-inspired image board including abstractions of hair and patterns that were either reminiscent of or inspired by hair. I also referenced the collections and interiors of the existing museums. Leila Cohoon's Hair Museum was particularly impactful; it aimed to preserve and spread knowledge of Victorian hair work, such as hair wreaths and hair-braided jewelry. This would inform the antique color scheme I evenutually used.

Hair museum research board

Name Explorations

I brainstormed all manner of hair-based wordplay in order to explore alternate museum names. In doing so, I also came up with a library of possible exhibition names, activities or tag lines. I decided to stay with the straightforward Hair Museum as the name in order to balance out the more playful titles within the museum.

Hair-related exploratory wordplay

Logo Exploration

When designing the logo, I referenced both hair itself and items associated with hair. Though I began with more linear explorations, or strands, they felt too insubstantial. Shapes and silhouettes more properly conveyed the physicality of hair.

Given the sheer diversity of hair types and styles, another challenge was creating something that could be universal, and it was that which pushed me to try to find a modular solution. The neutrality of the final color palette was also meant to avoid showcasing any specific hair type.

Initial pencil logo sketches
Logo sketches part 1
Logo sketches part 2
Logo sketches part 3