Part 1: Rebrand

Neither the existing logo nor acronym hinted at the museum’s focus on food. One of my main goals was to design a logo that was more visually distinctive, meaningful, and fun. I began by playing with a logotype for ‘MOFAD’ that incorporated culinary elements: cooking supplies, food, platters, and the like.

I also experimented with marks that were less dependent on the name itself. The direction I wound up pursuing is a bowl that doubles as a smiling mouth with a tongue implied by the ‘M’.

Final Identity

I updated the color palette to be more vibrant, and to introduce a larger secondary palette of brighter and more appetizing colors. Rather than stick primarily to the warm tones of red and oranges, as is typical of many food-focused establishments, I incorporated the pop of blue and green as a reference to the museum’s educational, scientific approach.

Part 2: Promotional Kit

For the kit, I wanted to include only items associated with food and dining, and compiled a mood board of potential objects to include: some form of recipes, utensil holders, cup sleeves, placemats, napkin wraps, coasters, etc.

I also came across a series of food patterns that inspired me to build a pattern library that could be applied to different item types. The coasters and cup sleeve pattern features beverage-related items, the utensil pouch features cutlery and platters, while the recipe cards feature patterns that vary depending on whether the recipe is themed to an exhibiting show or are blank for the user to fill out.

Final Kit


The recipe cards will vary depending on whatever the MOFAD is currently exhibiting. The show at the time was Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant; the pre-made recipes are of dishes the MOFAD featured during the duration of the show, and use an exclusive themed pattern. The blank recipe cards retain the generic cooking illustrations.